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Dear Yuletide Writer...

First, thanks so much in advance for whatever you choose to write for me!  I'm pretty easy-going with likes and dislikes.

General Thoughts


  • generally happy fics, in that I like them to end in a generally positive / happy way (so, please, no killing people just cos...)

  • all sorts of fics, family, friendships, shipping, world-building, slice-of-life.  If you write it, I'll most likely enjoy it.


  • explicit sex scenes - only because they bore me to read, not for any moral objections, so I would prefer that you don't waste valuable time writing something I'll just skim over

Fandom Specific

Amelia Peabody - Elizabeth Peters

  • I love the dynamics between these three at any point in their lives.

  • What other things did Ramses & David do during the war?

  • How did Nefret settle into life in England (apart from "not well" :) )

  • What happens after the last book with them all?

Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey

  • I love this world, so will be happy with anything you could write for me here.  Please feel free to add other characters as needed (except for Piemur after his voice breaks, I find him utterly unbearable then :) )

  • Sebell's early life, it's mentioned in Masterharper briefly, so fleshing that out would be good.

  • Alternantively, how does he deal with the stresses of following on from the beloved Masterharper AND having Menolly the MasterSongwriter as a wife?

Emelan - Tamora Pierce

  • More of them training & growing up.

  • How do they deal with training their "apprentices"?  Especially when they return to the Winding Temple.

  • I do vaguely ship Briar / Sandry, but there is no obligation to include this at all!

The Fairyland Series - Catherynne M Valente

  • Truly, anything you can think of for this - I love this series of books!

Finishing School - Gail Carriger

  • What things does Sophronia drag the others into that we aren't told about?

  • How does Soap deal with his transformation (and the others as well?)

  • What other lessons are the girls taught before being unleashed upon the unsuspecting public? :)

  • I'll have read the final book before Yuletide is done, so please feel free to include bits from that without fear of spoiling!

Penny Dreadful (TV)

  • This is a new fandom for me, and I have no idea what to ask for!

  • Ethan's life before he travels to England at the beginning of the show

  • Victor & Lily's relationship is really messed up, she's not a good person at all

  • Vanessa struggles with the devil inside her, perhaps something with that.

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Ever After High: Photo shoot - Raven & Dexter's Date

While we were away a few weeks ago, I took a couple of dolls to maybe get some photos in a different setting.  I took Cedar, Raven & Dexter along.  I think Raven looks really different in casual clothes, a lot less prim and proper at least.  And I bought a fashion-collection pack of Ken clothes, which fits EAH boy dolls nicely, so Dexter got a change of clothes as well.
Sitting on a bridge, admiring nature

watching movies that night

At the lookout the next day
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Ever After High: Wonderland Photos

I finally got Alistair this week - review to come - and could do the photo idea yellowblackhaze had thought of a while ago.

I collect chess-sets, and one I got last Christmas was Alice in Wonderland. So we pulled it out, and the spare chess-board (I have 3 :) ), and set it up on the table outside.
The Chess board set up before the game started - Kitty is not taking things seriously

Bunny with the avatar of her parent
Maddie with the avatar of her dad
Alistair with Alice as Queen
The Game in Motion - Kitty looks like she wants to kick all the pieces over
Lizzie chatting with her dad, who is shocked by whatever it is she's saying

It was a lovely day to take the photos, and using the chess set was fun as well.  I think I'll do another post at some point with the chess board, maybe have the dolls taking the place of sone of the pieces.  Once I get 32 dolls I can do an entire board-full...
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Fanfic: The Lost Apprentice

To: MasterHarper Robinton
Harper Hall
Fort Hold

From: Master Harper Petiron
Half Circle Sea Hold

Greetings MasterHarper,
The conditions are as expected at the Sea Hold, the Sea Holder is as hidebound a man as I have ever met, but he still observes the old ways and traditions. I do not expect much talent to be discovered here, the Sea Craft is brutal on hands and voices, and the Sea Holder expects all his holders to pull their weight with no time for the distraction of incidental music.
I am requesting copies of the latest Teaching Ballads, the Hold’s selection is woefully inadequate…


To: MasterHarper Robinton
Harper Hall
Fort Hold

From: Master Harper Petiron
Half Circle Sea Hold

Greetings MasterHarper,
Thank you for the offer of transport to the Harper Hall for Turn’s End.  I must regretfully decline as there are many things that require my attention at the Hold at this time.  There are a few children who show some promise musically, but it is difficult to have them devote the time necessary to rise above merely proficient.


To: MasterHarper Robinton
Harper Hall
Fort Hold

From: Master Harper Petiron
Half Circle Sea Hold

Greetings MasterHarper,
… In addition, I have included two pieces of composition one of the students has created for consideration.  They are unpolished, but I believe they show promise.  As mentioned previously, a Sea Holder’s life does not mesh well with Harpering; I have taught all I can with the resources and abilities I have…


To: MasterHarper Robinton
Harper Hall
Fort Hold

From: Sea Holder Yanus
Half Circle Sea Hold

Greetings MasterHarper,
We regret to inform of the death of Harper Petiron this seven-day past.  He was interred with great honour, and will be missed by all in the Hold.
We request a new Harper to be assigned to the Hold in replacement, preferably one with some knowledge of Sea Holding, and before the winter storms set in.


“Yes, yes,” Robinton muttered as he read the short, stilted letter again, hoping that this time a mention of Petiron’s mysterious song writer may leap out at him.  He needed more songs like the ones Petiron had sent last; ones that spoke to the general people about momentous happenings, and were simple enough that most people with a small amount of musical ability were able to sing them.  If Petiron hadn’t been so opaque about his Apprentice and his abilities, Robinton could have had him safely in the Hall months past, before Petiron died and took the apprentice’s name with him to the deep.

He made a long arm across the glassed-over portion of the sand table in his office, and caught the loop of a wineskin.  Pouring a generous measure into the goblet by his elbow, he frowned in contemplation of the best way to hunt down an elusive harper’s apprentice.  Short of visiting every small-holding and cot between here and Nerat, and interrogating the occupants – his frown eased at the thought of lining up every person and demanding they write a song for him – he could think of no efficient way of reaching the apprentice.

Pushing that thought to the back of his mind to mull over he turned his attention to the thorny issue of new assignments.  There were many Holds, small and large, needing new or additional Harper resources, and managing everyone’s needs and expectations was a constant juggling-act.  And now he needed to find an experienced Journeyman to take over from Petiron, and that threw out his careful plans.

Of the Harpers scheduled for reassignment this Turn, Harper Elgion had originally been allocated as to the band of roving Harpers.  He would be the best of that band to be reassigned to the Sea Hold, old enough to carry some authority, diplomatic as was needed with the Sea Holder, a thoroughly competent teacher that enjoyed working with young ones.  Yes, he would be a good choice.

Elgion would also be charged with locating Petiron’s apprentice and sending him to the Harper Hall for proper apprenticing.  Such talent needed to be nurtured.


To: MasterHarper Robinton
Harper Hall
Fort Hold

From: Harper Elgion
Half Circle Sea Hold

Greetings MasterHarper,

I have arrived and been greeted with great relief at the Hold.  I am unsure as to the relief with which I have been greeted, as I have found that the children have been well-drilled with the Teaching Songs, and understanding in their duties to Weyr and Hold.

I have also enquired as to the whereabouts of Master Petiron’s apprentice, as ordered, and regret to inform that he has returned from his fosterage to his home hold.  I have asked the Sea Holder to send a message to this hold, requesting that the boy be sent to the Harper Hall, but he seems strangely reluctant to do so.  I shall endeavour to discover from others what hold this is and send the message for you.

Although I bear bad news in regards to finding the boy, I can include a pair of songs that I believe were written by him.  They were hidden in the back of the collection of teaching songs, and aren’t a subject usually contained with them.  Fire-lizards!  A boyhood dream to find one and Impress like a dragonet.


“Shards and Shells!  Thrice over!” Robinton exploded when he read the message from Elgion.  Hopefully Elgion would shortly discover where the boy had disappeared to, the new tunes were even better than the ones Petiron had sent previously.  In the meantime, he would have the new tunes copied and sent out with the new assignments, in the hope that it would bring the boy forward.  Though if he had returned to a tiny cot-holding, the chances of him being found from hearing his tunes being played was remote.

Robinton shook himself out of the dark mood he was sliding into, and threw open the door from his workroom, startling some of the apprentices who were passing by on their way to the dining hall.  “Apprentice Ranly, isn’t it?  Please ask Master Arnor that I request a moment of his time as soon as he is free.”

Ranly reddened with pleasure at being singled out and scampered back the way he had come.  The MasterArchivist would wheeze and complain about giving up his precious wood-pulp sheets to what he considered a fool’s-errand of a search.  Robinton had had years of dealing with the vagaries of the Masters, and knew exactly how to manipulate them into doing what he wanted.
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Doll Review: MH Rochelle Goyle

This week's post is a Exchange Student to my collection of Ever After High dolls.  She's originally from Monster High, and from what I can gather, is an Exchange Student from Scaris (Paris) France.  I found this particular one on sale, and she was in the budget I allow myself for clothing options (I've bought a couple of MH dolls on sale cos I like the outfits, and they can mostly share with the EAH girls), but when I brought her home, she was just too cute to strip for clothes, so she's now a member of my school.

Rochelle Goyle is the daughter of the Gargoyles, and as such is made of stone.

The particular Rochelle I have is the Ghoul's Night Out Rochelle, which had her, Spectra & Lagoona all go out to see Catty Noir singing at a concert. Her skin tone is grey, and she has darker & lighter flecks that mimic stone chips.  She has pale pink hair with teal streaks in it.  Some of her hair on either side of her face are held back with little grey fleur-de-lys hair clips.  Her eyes are pink as well.  She has claws on her hands, a pair of small stone wings, and her ears are on top of her head and pointed.  She has earrings, which are grey fleur-de-lys.

Her outfits are shades of pink / grey / black, and feature fleur-de-lys in either the prints or her jewellery or shoes.

She has a black grey and pink one-shouldered mini-dress, which has a ruffle down the front and three light-pink ruffles around the hem.  She has pink shoes that havea fleur-de-lys pattern on the front with grey fleur-de-lys high-heels.  She also has sparkly pink arm-warmers (they're such a weird fashion thing to wear out to a concert!), and a black and grey long scarf.

Her accessories consist of a pink iCoffin (iPhone), a pink make-up compact, a pink perfume bottle and a pink bag.  Rochelle really loves pink :)

Rochelle in the backyard

The girls had a bit of a party this afternoon to welcome Rochelle to the school.  There would have been more students there, but it was very cold outside :)
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Ever After High: Doll - Faybelle Thorn

I completely forgot to post this yesterday, yellowblackhaze reminded me this afternoon that I hadn't done it.

Faybelle Thorn was found last week – the day after I found Bunny, so I had some good doll-hunting luck!
Faybelle is the daughter of the fairy who cursed Sleeping Beauty, so she’s a part of Briar Beauty’s story.  She’s looking forward to her destiny as a villain, and can’t understand why Raven Queen doesn’t want to embrace her evil destiny. J

Faybelle’s colours are various shades of blue and silver.  She has white-blonde hair with a teal-blue streak in her fringe.  The hair is in a high pony-tale, and she has a headband with what looks like black stick in it.

Her eyes are a lovely shade of purple, and she has a feathery pattern around her right eye.  In the cartoon version, she has the pattern around both eyes, but the doll is only around one eye.
Her earrings are silver wands, they are the same on each side.

She wears a black tunic with gold / green / silver sparkly sprinkles over the front.  The “sleeves” are a black lacey material, which come to about her elbows.  Her pants are an electric blue colour, and she has aqua knee-high boots with black laces.  My Faybelle stands very nicely without a stand holding her up, which I’m rather pleased with.

She has a solid grey bag, with moulded ruffles on it.  It is reminiscient of a pom-pom, which makes sense as she’s the lead cheer-hexer at school.  She also has a silver bracelet that connects to a ring.  On my doll, this had fallen off and was rattling around loose in the bottom of the box.  It’s still a bit loose, and I’ll have to make sure I don’t let if fall off and lose it.

And the last (and best!) part of Faybelle are her wings!  They are made of a semi-translucent blue plastic, which are connected to her body with a silver plastic harness over her shoulders.  It looks like a similar attachment as Cupid’s is.

One thing I didn’t mention is that her skin is a slightly pearly-grey colour, and has a faint shimmer to it.  Hard to see in the photos, but it’s there when you look at her in real life.

A Few Fun Facts about Faybelle:
§  Parent: The Dark Fairy from The Sleeping Beauty
§  Roommate: Bunny Blanc
§  Secret Heart's Desire: To be the Queen of Fairies and the Queen of Villains! Why? Because I rule!
§  My "Magic" Touch: When I cheer a spell, I can make any curse more powerful!
§  Storybook Romance Status: There are some wicked cute guys at school, but a relationship would just clip my wings.
§  "Oh Curses!" Moment: People always forget to invite me to parties. Good thing it's my destiny to arrive unannounced.
§  Favourite Subject: General Villainy. Even when I'm winging it, I'm crown of the class.
§  Least Favourite Subject: Home Evilnomics. The person in front of me gets the last ingredients every time. Every time!
§  Best Friends Forever After: Briar Beauty is my best frenemy forever after, and Duchess Swan is wicked cool.

Faybelle Thorn in the front yard
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Ever After High: Doll - Bunny Blanc

I was terribly excited when I went out today, and came across a single solitary Bunny Blanc!  It’s so exciting to find the new dolls in the stores, and I can now keep my eyes out for the other new characters too, there are 5 more to find.

As a Wonderlandian, Bunny is the smaller body-size, so she is about the same height as Maddie & Lizzie.  She has pale pink skin tone, and platinum white shoulder-length hair.  She has light brown eyebrows, and greeny-blue eyes.  There is a lot of talk on the interwebs about the issues with Bunny’s eye screening/printing, in that she’s wall-eyed, but I can’t see that in my doll.  Maybe I’m just blind to those issues, as I can’t see wonky-eyes in pictures people post about them either.

She wears a headband with rabbit ears and a small black top hat with a gold clock on the front.  Her earrings are identical, and are gold carrots.

She has a black collar with a pink tie, and her hands are black gloves with white cuffs.  She has a gold handbag/purse with a clock face printed on it.

I like her outfit, it is all one piece, but it looks like there are a few layers to it.  The bodice is black, with a black/grey herringbone pattern printed on the vest.  The collar of the vest is a white fake fur.  The skirt of the dress is a mint green with clocks printed all over it.  There is a further ruffle attached to the bottom, which is pink and green tartan print.  Something I like is that the skirt is quite long, longer than a lot of the others are.

She has moulded long white socks that are connected to her black shoes.  Each sock has buttons up the side.  The shoes are black with very cute hourglass heels, and they both have fluffy white rabbit tails on the back.

She’s so very cute, and I’m very pleased I got her!

A Few Fun Facts about Bunny Blanc:

{C}{C}§ {C}Parent: The White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

{C}{C}§ {C}Secret Heart's Desire: To be Wonderland's official tour guide. Everyone should know how hare-raisingly awesome it is.

{C}{C}§ {C}My "Magic" Touch: I can change from a human to a rabbit and back again whenever I want!

{C}{C}§ {C}Storybook Romance Status: I only have eyes for Alistair Wonderland. It's heartbreaking that he sees me as just a friend.

{C}{C}§ {C}"Oh Curses!" Moment: Actually, I have no sense of direction. But I always arrive at my destination on time, so it's all good!

{C}{C}§ {C}White Favorite Subject: Muse-ic. As royal herald, I love playing jazzy melodies on my horn.

{C}{C}§ {C}Least Favorite Subject: Geografairy. Who needs maps? Eventually you'll wind up exactly where you're supposed to be.

Best Friends Forever After: All of us Wonderlandians stick together, but I'm closest to Alistair Wonderland and Lizzie Hearts.

Bunny Blanc - running late again :)
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Dear Fic Scribbler...

First of all, thanks very much for writing me whatever it is that you will write - I already appreciate the time and effort you will put into this.

General Thoughts:


  • generally happy fics, in that I like to have things end in a generally positive / happy way (so, please, no killing off characters "just because")

  • all sorts of fics: family, friends, shipping, world-building, slice-of-life.  Mostly, if you write it, I'll like it.


  • explicit sex scenes - not for any moral objections, but they just bore me to read about.  So i would prefer that you didn't waste your valuable writing time on something that I'll just skim over

  • making a character gay / straight where that is not their specific orientation in the original work.

Fandom Specific:

You can add other characters from the fandoms, but I would like the story to be primarily about the characters I've selected,

The Dark Is Rising

  • how does Will deal with being the last of the the Old Ones, and how does this affect his relationships with friends / family

The Fairyland Series - Catherynne M Valente

  • Anything with these characters would be great!  I just want more (any!) fic in this world.

Finishing School - Gail Carriger

  • A fun escapde that Sophronia gets the rest of them into, maybe?  Something with a bit of humour, and mentions of silly hats :)

Ever After High series - Shannon Hale
* anything will be fine with this - I love fairytales, so this fandom is right up my alley.  Feel free to add characters & story ideas from the webisodes / movies if you want to.
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Ever After High: Photo Story - Ginger's New Dress

I've finished doing reviews of all the dolls I have at the moment, so I'm going to do some photo stories in the meantime.  I have been entertaining myself with taking photos of them in various situations, and this set I like quite a lot.  I got Ginger's dress from Etsy, I saw it when looking for / at custom dolls, and just fell in love with it.  I much prefer it to her stock dress, and I can see her never going back that.

Ginger's New Dress

While Ginger liked her dress very much usually, she had seen the new dresses the other girls had been wearing, and wanted one of her own.  Her mother, the Candy Witch. had sniffed at this request, and Ginger didn't know what to do.  Lizzie Hearts (who was a lovely person under all the shouting "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" whenever someone spoke to her), saw her moping in the Castleteria, and asked if there was anything she could do.  Ginger brightened at this, she had seen the lovely work Lizzie had done on the Spring Unsprung dresses, and thought that she could have something similar.
Lizzie laughed, not unkindly.  "Oh no, Ginger.  Black and white and red are so not your colours.  I'm sure I can magic up just the dress for you, I have plenty of ideas left over that I didn't use for the Spring dresses, and I know just which one to use for you!"  And she refused to elaborate any further, just saying that Ginger would have to wait and see.

A week later, Lizzie was putting the finishing touches on the dress she had designed for Ginger.  It was much simpler than the Spring Unsprung dresses she had designed, but she enjoyed doing the simpler design, as it meant she could be more creative with fabric choices.

Ginger was very excited to see what fabulousness Lizzie had designed, as Lizzie had not told her anything at all about it, apart from the colours (brown, pink, and blue), and that it fit her fairytale theme of candy.  She could barely sit still waiting for the final part to be done.

It fit perfectly!  The gingerbread men print was just delightful, and the flower on the waist was the pretty touch that was missing on her other dress.  Ginger almost cried with happiness at Lizzie's generosity & talent making her new dress.  Ginger didn't think there was anything she could do to repay Lizzie.

Ginger looks so pretty in her new dress, she was so pleased with all the work that Lizzie did.
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Ever After High: Doll - Poppy O'Hair

Holly O'Hair & Poppy O’Hair are the twin daughters of Rapunzel, Holly is the one who is going to follow in her mother’s story-footsteps, while Poppy doesn’t have a destiny.  Like with Ashlynn & Hunter, I ordered the twins’ two-pack online, hoping that I’d be lucky again and get the nice faces.  Holly was reviewed last week, so this week is Poppy’s turn.

Poppy’s motif is scissors, in keeping with the hair theme of Rapunzel’s daughters.  She doesn’t have the long hair of Holly, her hair is an asymmetrical two-tone cut.  Part of her hair is the same shade of red as her sister’s, the other side has been dyed a nice shade of purple.  She also has a pink plastic moulded headband, the tied part looks a little bit like bunny-ears which is a bit peculiar.

She has two different earrings, on one ear she has a pair of scissors joined with a chain to a cuff further up the ear, and of the other ear is a plain pair of scissors.  Both are silver plastic.

She wears this strange grey plastic cowl thing around her neck.  I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be, but reading about it, Poppy is known for her scarves, so I think this is what it’s supposed to be.  It has a small painted purple & pink highlight on it too.  It does up at the back with three toggles, but I have troubles keeping them done up.  The scarf doesn’t fall off though if they aren’t done up.

Her dress has a black and pink bodice with sheer red sleeves that have black criss-cross hatching on the.  The skirt of the dress is shades of pink and purple with white braids and silver scissors printed on it.  She has a black plastic braided belt that does up at the back with a toggle like the scarf.

On one wrist, she has a silver and purple bracelet, and one the other hand she has a pair of scissors as a ring.

Under her dress, Poppy wears a pair of black footless tights, with a panel up the outside of the same red and black criss-cross pattern that her dress has.  She wears pink high-heeled boots with silver heels.  The laces are painted black, and there is a pair of scissors on the heels as well.

Like most of the dolls, Poppy comes with a bag.  Her bag is super cool though, it’s a plain black plastic with a long strap and three little pockets.  In each of the pockets is an item used in hairdressing!  She has a pair of tongs, a comb, and a pair of scissors.  And the extra cool thing about the scissors!  She can hold them and it looks like she’s cutting the hair!

A Few Fun Facts about Poppy O’Hair
§  Parent: Rapunzel from Rapunzel
§  Roommate: Holly O'Hair
§  Secret Heart's Desire: I want to find my Once Upon a Time at Ever After High. That being said, I'll never stop styling hair.
§  My "Magic" Touch: Being a daughter of Rapunzel, my hair is extremely valuable. In fact, I trim it every morning and put it into my savings account!
§  Storybook Romance Status: Believe it or not, I think Sparrow Hood is cute. He'd be a lot cuter if he'd stop singing about how great he thinks he is.
§  "Oh Curses!" Moment: My sister says I'm always looking for short cuts. I just don't see the point of going the long way around the tower.
§  Favorite Subject: Princess Design. From hair and makeup to fashion and style, I love making spellbinding princesses look edgy and modern.
§  Least Favorite Subject: Princessology. Just because I'm the daughter of fairytale royalty doesn't mean I want to be all prim and proper.
§  Best Friends Forever After: Besides my sister Holly O'Hair? Ashlynn Ella. We both work in the village of Book End, and often hang out afterwards.

Poppy O'Hair (3)
Poppy in the backyard

Poppy cutting Holly's hair :)