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Dear Yuletide Writer...
Lil Green
First, thanks so much in advance for whatever you choose to write for me!  I'm pretty easy-going with likes and dislikes.

General Thoughts


  • generally happy fics, in that I like them to end in a generally positive / happy way (so, please, no killing people just cos...)

  • all sorts of fics, family, friendships, shipping, world-building, slice-of-life.  If you write it, I'll most likely enjoy it.


  • explicit sex scenes - only because they bore me to read, not for any moral objections, so I would prefer that you don't waste valuable time writing something I'll just skim over

Fandom Specific

Amelia Peabody - Elizabeth Peters

  • I love the dynamics between these three at any point in their lives.

  • What other things did Ramses & David do during the war?

  • How did Nefret settle into life in England (apart from "not well" :) )

  • What happens after the last book with them all?

Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey

  • I love this world, so will be happy with anything you could write for me here.  Please feel free to add other characters as needed (except for Piemur after his voice breaks, I find him utterly unbearable then :) )

  • Sebell's early life, it's mentioned in Masterharper briefly, so fleshing that out would be good.

  • Alternantively, how does he deal with the stresses of following on from the beloved Masterharper AND having Menolly the MasterSongwriter as a wife?

Emelan - Tamora Pierce

  • More of them training & growing up.

  • How do they deal with training their "apprentices"?  Especially when they return to the Winding Temple.

  • I do vaguely ship Briar / Sandry, but there is no obligation to include this at all!

The Fairyland Series - Catherynne M Valente

  • Truly, anything you can think of for this - I love this series of books!

Finishing School - Gail Carriger

  • What things does Sophronia drag the others into that we aren't told about?

  • How does Soap deal with his transformation (and the others as well?)

  • What other lessons are the girls taught before being unleashed upon the unsuspecting public? :)

  • I'll have read the final book before Yuletide is done, so please feel free to include bits from that without fear of spoiling!

Penny Dreadful (TV)

  • This is a new fandom for me, and I have no idea what to ask for!

  • Ethan's life before he travels to England at the beginning of the show

  • Victor & Lily's relationship is really messed up, she's not a good person at all

  • Vanessa struggles with the devil inside her, perhaps something with that.